February 28, 2014

Beauty & Candy Bombshell

She is a Girl in a World she filled with Candy & Style. She knows Happiness is a decision and so she chooses to surround herself with Everything that brings Happiness to her Heart ♪ ♥ ☕ ✎ ✿ ❈

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February 13, 2014

Zombie & Rainboom T-shirts have reached Sweden

Today I'm the Happiest girl !! 

I just received this cute photo from Sweden take by a BRILLIANT Artist & Friend Andreas Eriksson wearing Sugar Wheel's Zombie tshirt with his Beautiful friend in Rainboom tshirt.

This is a chance too to also gladly invite you all to have a look at his unique works on Eldfogel.
Enjoy xx

January 12, 2014


He asked Alice "Who Are You?".
That's a question most of us don't know how to answer.

Absolem. The wise caterpillar. My all time favorite character.

January 11, 2014

Sugar Wheel at Virgin Megastore

Three of Sugar Wheel's illustrations got printed by FNK t-shirts brand, and now they are available at Virgin Megastore, Jeddah, Red Sea mall & soon spreading to other branches in town.

February 20, 2013


Be aware of your Frenemies! They're people who pretend to be your friends but they secretly don't like you.

50 x 60 cm
Acrylic on canvas.

February 16, 2013

Noodles Love

The Grandma's kitchen got so busy recently preparing yummy meals for the Chinese New Year and for the Valentine's day. Our Noodles were having lots of fun during Valentine's day, and some of them fell in love =.= ❤
Did you enjoy your Valentine?


February 10, 2013

Chinese New Year

Addicted to kitchen grandma is confused at her kitchen with lots of ideas for the Chinese new year's dinner. Facebook friends are trying to help her to choose :)

February 9, 2013


Spread Love everywhere you go, and be the flame that lights up the paths for others ❤ - Sugar Wheel

This is a new version of my previous illustration My Book re-vamped to celebrate the Valentine's day.
Hope you enjoy it ^^

December 30, 2012

Out of The Box

Who made the world a better place?
The creatives, the original ones, those who did not rely on others to build their success, those who made it by themselves, and with their own effort and imagination. So let's make them our inspiration, and learn from the best.

2013 will be a year filled with wisdom and logic in making our decisions, yet a year filled with fun and experimenting new ways. It will be a year of saying "No" to excuses and "Yes" to new ideas and improvement. Some great opportunities will come on our ways, so now let's prepare ourselves to make the best out of them.

من هم الذين يجعلون هذا العالم مكاناً أفضل؟
هم المبدعون، الأصليون،  هم الذين لم يعتمدوا على الآخرين ليحققوا نجاحاتهم، بل اعتمدوا على خيالهم ومجهودهم الخاص وثابروا لتحقيق أحلامهم. فلنجعلهم ملهمينا ونتعلم منهم الأفضل.

عام ٢٠١٣ سيكون عاماً زاخراً بالحكمة والكثير من المنطق في اتخاذ قراراتنا، ولكنه سيكون أيضاً عاماً حافلاً بالمرح والخطوات الجديدة. سنقول "لا" لكل الأسباب التي تقف في طريقناً و "نعم" لكل الأفكار الجديدة وسبل التطوير. هذا العام واعد بالفرص الكثيرة، لذا علينا الآن أن نعد أنفسنا بأننا سنقوم بأفضل ما لدينا  لتحقيق أحلامنا.

。◕‿◕。  Happy New Year from Sugar Wheel 。◕‿◕。 

December 11, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Sugar Wheel wishes everyone a happy December filled with joy, laughters, and yummy food ♥

November 23, 2012

Nike - The Light Up DXB art contest

Sugar Wheel has the pleasure to be among few artists who participated at The Light Up DXB art contest by NIKE for the launch in Dubai, November 23, 2012.

Light Up DXB aims to motivate the city’s residents into getting active and getting involved in the We Run Dubai race. The artists who took part in the Nike Light Up DXB art competition were asked to create a work of art that represents the Light Up DXB concept by using elements of Dubai, its bright lights and iconic landmarks, as well as the thrill of achieving something after working hard for it.

The artwork has been featured also in the November 2012 issue of quint magazine.
Now available in Virgin Megastores.

(click the image below for zoom in on details)


They Call Us

I created this illustration a while ago and announce it on my facebook page, but I didn't have much time to blog it -or I forgot- because I was going through a lot of pressure and had to focus on my graphic design projects..

After I got some requests friends and fans, I was planing to print this illustration on a t-shirt but due to the tight timing I totally forgot about it. Fortunately, FNK design has found Sugar Wheel and is willing to buy the artwork and print it on awesome t-shirts very soon :)

 I think the illustration would look awesome on a dark grey or turquoise t-shirt, but I will leave that decision to the client.

October 29, 2012

Monsters Call

Chadi Baytamouni, an emerging artist who likes Sugar Wheel's art, suggested to make a collaborative artwork..and I have seen that Chadi's strength relies on the coloring side. So we have decided that I create the design and the charactes, and then he colors them..

This illustration is done for Halloween and general monsters theme.

(click the image below for zoom in on details)

October 15, 2012

Tech-Ticker mascot design

 (click the image above for zoom in on details)

Tech-Ticker commissioned me to design the mascot for their new website tech-ticker.com. I have designed these cute little friends as two representatives of Tech-Ticker.

The little boy is the robotic one who looks a bit like a human but acts totally like a robot. He doesn't show any facial expressions or emotions, he just reacts to his surroundings like a robot or like a very focused nerd who only wants to get his job done and so he rises curiosity..he's mysterious. On the other side, he has a small pet, that pet is half robotic but he has emotions and shows cute and funny expressions.

About Tech-Ticker:
Tech-Ticker is a leading source for information, analysis and product reviews for the geeky generation. Founded in 2012, Tech-Ticker took over GIGAlb's legacy, that has grown over the past few years into one of the most credible and insightful voices of Technology in the region.

 click HERE to join Tech-Ticker community

October 6, 2012

Back to School

العودة إلى الدراسة
Back to School

(click the image below for zoom in on details)

Back to School - FREE items

Add sweetness to your personal items and use the ★FREE★ Desktop wallpaper and facebook cover by SUGAR WHEEL®

(click and save images below, then use them as your desktop wallpaper)

 (click and save image below, then use it as your facebook cover)

Note: This copyrighted artwork is only for personal use, any commercial use of it will take you to the court.

Enjoy ♥

September 24, 2012

1000 Nights on the Magic Carpet

ألف ليلة على بســاط الريـح
Thousand Nights on The Magic Carpet

(click the image below for zoom in on details)

September 19, 2012


These cute yellow cards that I distributed during the 'Project: MEGA | The Dubai Mall' exhibiton in Dubai. Plenty are still here though, waiting for another distribution.


August 22, 2012


الرسم عندي ليس مجرد رغبة تتولد بل حاجة تتضاعف. 
رأسي عبارة عن حكايات قوز قزح ومدينة ملاهي متنقلة وحفلات صاخبة ممتدة ومتشعبة، تتكاثر معها مئات الشخصيات الخيالية المشاغبة...
أشعر أحياناً بأن رأسي سينفجر أقواس قزح !!

In my case, drawing is not just a rising desire but an urgent need. My head is a rainbow tale, colorful moving carnivals, and noizy long parties diverging and expanding, giving birth to hundreds of naughty imaginary creatures...
Sometimes I feel my head will explode rainbows!!

(click the image below for zoom in on details)